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Updated: January 21, 2019 Seeing old dated stories? Refresh your browser!

The 2019 Winter Show Another Grand Slam for Racing and Car Fans Alike!

The Winter Rod and Speed Show was another grand slam yet again this year! There was a great turn out of people both days and rave reviews by many of them! Many commented that they thought the 12th annual show was the best Winter Rod and Speed Show ever! Perhaps it was, but there really hasn't been a bad one which makes this show one of the best indoor shows in the Pacific Northwest in spite of th small market. But the midvalley is still a hotbed for nice hot rods.

There were a few of the usual snafus like yours truly forgetting little details like plates for the exhibitor pizza feed prior to the show opening but other than that it was a great all around event! The cars were incredible and the quality of them was awesome. Lots of socializing by old friends went on as well. Unlike other shows, there is a heavy emphasis on racing and Jim Moore's new Funny Car (pictured) drew a lot of attention through out the two day show.

Thanks to everyone that entered a car and braving the wet weather. Thanks to our vendors, the car clubs especially for their participation, our VIP guests in no particular order: Kenny Youngblood , Joey and Cherie Severance, Steve Hamilton and Alan Paradise and the VIP volunteers: Russ Casady, Steve Majerak, Dave and Carolyn Wilson, Meagan Wilson, Jason Grassman My wife Susan Susan Murphy Bailey, Nicole Dooley, Dayle Langley, Ken Parsons and my partner since the start of this 12 years ago the awesome Jim Billings! And a special thanks to our sponsors Burgerville, AA Towing, Woodstock Motorsports, KLOO FM, KRKT, KYKN Radio, Bi Mart, Flatline Fab and Salem Blue! And finally we appreciate everyone that supported our efforts by coming to the show! This event will be back in January of 2020!

- Rich Bailey

Whippled GT500 Build From the Race Track to the Mustang

Numerous advancements in automotive technology have been made over the past decade so when AmericanMuscle (AM) was handed the keys to a customer’s lightly-modded 2008 Shelby GT500, we knew we could eek a few more horsepower out of it. In this Hot Lap episode, AM’s Justin Dugan performs and narrates a Whipple 2.9L supercharger upgrade, with some supporting mods, to do just that. Before and after dyno pulls were made, courtesy of AM’s in-house dynamometer, to show “baseline” figures as well as total power gains.

You can watch it here:


“Mongoose Memory” In his own words By Jim White

This was some years ago when we took the car out of Danchuk’s museum to do a magazine shoot for Drag Racer Magazine unfortunately we didn’t have enough people to remove the body as Tom had the body made very thick and heavy to withstand the rigors of touring the car and you need about 5 to 6 people to take it off which we didn’t have, anyway I never got to do a full X-ray shot of the car but did this instead. I wanted to try to get Tom to sit in the car if we could have taken the body off, but Tom was really grumpy on this particular day LOL. So anyway, I did this poster and we never did anything with it I just found it recently.


Dry Weather and Great Turnout Greet Another Great Christmas Parade

The annual Festival of Lights Holiday Parade was a giant success yet again for the city of Keizer, located just north of Salem. Salem gave up the parade and everything else associated with the Christmas Holiday in the last few years. For an example, this year the City of Salem didn’t even bother to put up street decorations downtown. So, the move to Keizer turned out to be the best thing for the parade as Christmas is still in style in Keizer.

Salem’s loss proved to be Keizer’s gain as thousands lined the streets and this year's event may have had it's biggest turnout of spectators ever since moving to Keizer. The parade was supposed to have ended at Glynbrook Street but Instead the street was packed with people forcing the parade to continue an extra block south of Glynbrook. Other than the cold but dry weather the parade went went off with out a hitch.

The Capitol Rocketeer Group Dragster looked awesome again this year as we tried LED tape lights we had special ordered from Norvac's Electronics. Now that we know it works, next year we are going all LED on the body and showcase the engine with usual white lights. A big thanks to the team including my friends Russ Casady Steve Majerak Dave Morris and Jason Grassman that hade the event possible.


Top 5 Blown Alcohol Thunder Finishers Honored at Posh HoJo Plaza Hotel

The top five finishers in the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series were awarded for their great season at the posh and upscale Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Yakima, Washington. The awards event was held in conjunction with the Renegade Raceway Award Banquet held simultaneously.

Leading the way with his third Championship title was none other than Brent Jones of Stevensville, Montana. Runner up honors went to Canadian Dave Kroeker, the third place recipient was Spokane’s Jeff Cassell, Jim Seivers had a very impressive season by taking fourth place and Dave Newton rounds out the top five. In addition, special awards were also given out in several different categories.

This season, the six race series began in Boise with stops in Spokane, Yakima, Billings, Butte before returning to Spokane. The Blown Alcohol Thunder competitors would like to thank Good Vibrations Motorsports, TCS Torque Converters and Flatline Fabrication for their support of the series in 2018.

Crew News
Cap Racing Welcomes Steve Majerak

Capitol Racing welcomes Steve Majerak to the race team as our newest team member. Steve will do a great job servicing the car as well as proudly represent our sponsors. I met Steve last year when he entered his beautiful Challenger into our winter show. Sadly he recently sold the Challenger but indicated he would be interested in joining the team. Today he made it official after giving it much thought. Steve will be a great fit and a team player along side Russ and I which is most important.

We are still looking for one more crew member. Must have some experience in racing or good mechanical skills. Also, must be reliable, be able to travel and have the drive to work hard and have fun without a lot of hang ups that would get in the way of being successful on the team. Call 503-370-9164 or Email us here if interested!

- Rich Bailey


Corvallis Rolls Out the Red Carpet

This past Saturday we had the dragster at the Corvallis Burgerville. Customers and even people driving by stopped to look at our retro “Rocketeer” version we still had on our chassis from Bauman Farms the week before. There was a consistent flow of people, mostly families much of the day. I signed pictures for the kids and even ran out the last of our publicity cards!

Everyone that stopped by were really nice and I was told that someone even went in and thanked the management for having the car there. A common remark to me was “wow I had no idea this was going to be here!” To make things even better, a reporter from the local newspaper came by and did a short interview with me and a customer and published the story.

Here is the Gazette Times newspaper link from our car display at the Corvallis Burgerville:


The Rocketeer Returns to Bauman's

The Rocketeer was back for at least our annual appearance at Bauman Farms!

For the last couple of years we have thought about switching bodies for our annual trip to Bauman Farms since it's a kids event and it's halloween. With the help of Dave and Davie Morris the body was switched for the event. Sadly though it was just for one day as the rain moved in sooner that expected. Leaving the car there overnight would have been irresponsible as inclement weather got worse over night but lightened up some on Sunday. The event itself was a big hit for both the kids and the adults. No decision yet on when the "marketeer" body will be back on the car.


Sunshine Equals a Good Fall Show

The sunshined for two streight weeks allowing us to have a second car show in as many weeks to kick off the Winter Rod and Speed Show application drive. And it was a success as most of the cars that were there plan to be in that Winter Rod and Speed Show slated for January 18-19. About 35 cars were in attendance! Thanks to Burgerville for giving out gift cards. There was also a free drawing that kept everyone's interest.

About 35 cars packed the Albany Burgerville lot for the Winter Show Kick Off.


American Trucks Review the New Redesigned 2019 Chevy Silverado

Adam Maqboul from AmericanTrucks (AT) has the 2019 Silverado All Star Edition in the AT garage for an up-close-and-personal look. In this episode of AT’s “The Haul”, Adam provides his detailed walk-around, review and test drive of the redesigned Silverado that you won’t want to miss. The trucks are now available at Capitol Chevrolet on the Parkway in Salem.

You can watch it here:


Fall Colors Car Show a Big Success!

The Fall Colors Benefit Car Show was a big success thanks in part to the nice weather and the willingness by the local car enthusiasts to help someone in need. Close to 100 cars filled the lot of Rock-n-Rogers classic 50's diner as well as the surrounding lots. The family made $2,225.00 to help with Brad Chrisman's rising medical costs due to his cancer diagnosis. A lot of great items were donated for the silent auction. If you missed it well lets just say it's fair to mention that you missed a great show.

Of note: None other than Alan Paradise the notable Hollywood screenwriter who created the blockbuster Pearl Harbor as well as the recent Snake & Mongoose movie anmong many others was on hand. He even entered a car in the show. He was a litle surprised when I knew who he was.

Of note: The only bad situation that occurred was that someone stuffed the ballot box for the People's Choice Award. But they were caught red handed, horsewhipped, shot at close range and banned from any future shows. The real winner was then awarded the fabulous trophy.



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