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Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Expo Center
Albany, Oregon Jan 19-20

Woodburn Dragstrip
June 9-10

*Firebird Raceway,
Boise June 15-16

Relay For Life
June 23-24

*Renegade Raceway, Yakima
June 29-30

Western Days,
Independence July 4

* Lost Creek Raceway
Butte Montana,
July 6-8

Marion County Fair
Salem July 13-15

Woodburn Dragstrip
July 27-28

Guitars Under the Stars,
Lebanon July 29

Big Sky Championships
Billings August 4-5

*Spokane County Raceway
August 17-18

Oregon State Fair

Woodburn Dragstrip
Sept. 22-23

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series
More events to be added soon!



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Updated: July 15, 2018 Seeing old dated stories? Refresh your browser!

Capitol Dragster Displayed at Marion County Fair and Car Show

The Capitol Dragster has been on display all week at the Marion County Fair and on Sunday July 16, it was part of the car show also held at the fair. The car drew a lot of attention on Saturday as over 475 people stopped and had interaction with the car. Our friend James brought a clicker and took track. That number was surprising as the display had off and on foot traffic through out the day. Over 30,000 come to the Marion County Fair held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds each year. Sunday's car show is the first one at the fair in over 10 years.

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We’re launching the new vehicle on an auto parts site that has become almost synonymous with late-model aftermarket Mustang mods. This is exciting, and requires a great website experience to make sure MOPAR enthusiasts feel at home. Go to and pick between Mustangs, F150 trucks and now Dodge Challengers.


Dragster Makes it to the Final Four in Butte, Montana Over the 4th Weekend

The Capitol Auto Group Racing Team had a very busy 4th of July Weekend. First, we brought the car home for a parade and display in Independence, Oregon. As always, it was a giant hit as I signed over 150 handout cards and there was always people looking at the car. We are very fortunate that the local Chamber of Commerce gives us this space as it’s a very valuable opportunity for us. The car’s popularity and how we present it give the event another feature to occupy people’s time while they are looking around before the fireworks.

The following day we drove most of the night after work to get to big sky country and arrived at Lost Creek Raceway around 3 PM on Friday. We had to repair a spark plug hole that was stripped and once we did that with the help of Brent Jones we made our first run against Dave Newton. Dave had a traction problem and I beat him with a 4.82 at 147 MPH which is not bad for this mile high track located less that an hour from the Continental Divide!

On Saturday, we changed pulleys. We then noticed a crack in the burst panel and changed the pulley back. In the first qualifier, 1 got a single due to the odd number of cars. This time the car ran a 4.77. On the second pass against Brent Jones the car ran quicker as we stopped the clock with a 4.62 and we got into the Final Four where the quickest four cars face off. I had to run Jonsey, who is a three time series champ in the B final. And what a final round it was! We both ran identical 4.64 ET’s but he got the win light with a better reaction time.

Even with the loss I was happy we got our consistency back and the car is now running with the best cars in the field which was a far cry from the start of the season. We have gone from last place all the way to 6th with two more Blown Alcohol Thunder races to go. Special Thanks to Russ Casady, Frank Munz and Richard Huffman

Next up is the Marion County Fair Car Show this weekend!


Capitol Dragster Shows Improvement at Renegade Raceway Nitro Nights Race

The Capitol car just before re-baring the engine at Renegade Raceway June 30.

It turned out that we didn't need to push the car down the track at the Nitro Nights Under the Lights race at Renegade Raceway in Yakima. The car ran fine on its own and ended up in the middle of the pack just one car out of the top four. While any racer would prefer being at the top of the pack and nothing less, we have been struggling with the new engine and it finally came around in the first stanza of the round robin affair.

We went to Yakima with a race car that wasn't happy and wasn't getting down the track without problems. Our former crew chief who chose to leave the team before Yakima worked very hard and did a great job making repairs every time a new one popped up and it wasn't his fault that we had so many goblins in the mix dating back to April. It was simply a matter of working all of the bugs out and there were a lot of them. The car had poor oil pressure and a possible transmission problem even up to the time we left for Yakima. But we had a plan after vowing to push the car down the track if we had too!

With the help of Jeff Cassle we re-bearinged the engine just as soon as we arrived on Friday and Brent Sanford who is now back with the team re-torque the heads. There was a leak which we thought may be the result of the head gaskets but since it was fuel we elected to change the intake gaskets instead. Once done, we fired up the car and it still leaked. Then it was discovered that it was leaking from the injector on the hat and the fuel made it's way down to the block. All of that work for nothing of was it? It turned out to be great training for our new crew member Russ Casady. It also made us work as a team which we had not been doing prior to Yakima.

We fired the car again and got much better oil pressure and the leak went bye-bye. The car was now ready. After a pre-race parade that went haywire, (think of the marching band in the movie Animal House that went the wrong way) the team was ready and we took on Brent Jones in round one. Jonsey ran well but we were no slouch either as it posted a 4.59 which was the fifth best time out of the tough ten car field that was in attendance.

When we went back to the pits we were happy to find zero material in the oil filter and we were nearly ready for round two. As the chutes were being packed it was discovered by Brent that we had two stripped out spark plug holes! We did everything possible to fix the problem but we were unable to find any certs anywhere in the pits so we had to forfeit the second round.

While I was disappointed at the time, it was still a much improved outing over the "cruel summer" race we had in Boise just two weeks prior. We entered the Renegade Raceway gates with a car that was not running well and we left with a car that can now contend for a final four appearance. Thanks to Brent Sanford, Russ Casady, Jeff Cassle and Dane Lachelt's team for all of the help this weekend in getting the car race ready...finally!

-Rich Bailey


Dragster Displayed at Relay for Life

The Capitol Rocketeer Dragster made an appearance at the Relay For Life cancer event this past Saturday at the Chemawa Indian School track near the Keizer exit. It was a great benefit for the race team to be involved in as we really like to support cancer related events. Cancer survivors and family members of all ages sat in the race car with the oldest being 88 years old! Rich Bailey got a chance to address the crowd about his connection to the disease. The car ended up being displayed from 9 to 5 PM.

We raffled off the driver's seat during a fire up. A girl and her dad walked up and offered 5.00 to sit in the car for the fire up. They were asked if she was a cancer survivor? Her dad said yes not once but twice. We were hoping to raise a little bit more than that but we let her sit in it anyway. Then a few minutes later a guy offered 100.00 for his friend to sit in the car. So, we still got the money we were after for the fundraiser plus we made a young girl’s day!


Capitol Racing Welcomes Russ Casady

With the exception of Otis Pettit, the Capitol team has not had much regular help in the crew department this year. And while we didn't have one of our best outings in Boise due to a combination of problems, one of the bright spots was the addition of Russ Casady who did a lot of the driving and towed the car to the line as well as did light pit chores. We have decided to bring Russ on as an official crew member since he did a good job and is willing to help out as often as he can. He is also likable and gets along well with the other teams and the public. Welcome Russ!

Dave Morris also joins Capitol Team
Capitol Racing welcomes Dave Morris. Dave has excellent mechanical skills and is a great asset to the team. He has been working on and off for the last few months.

Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen Passes

Drag Racing as well as the world of pop culture lost the legendary "Mongoose" Tom McEwen who competed and won in both Top Fuel and Funny Car. The goose was not only a great marketer but innovator as well.

Thousands if not millions will remember their orange hot wheel tracks with the mongoose and snake diecast ars that put drag racing on the national map as well as in our lives. He later was the namesake for Mongoose bicycles. If it wasn't for this star power, some of us would have never been luered to the drag strip. May this racing legend live on in our hearts forever.

One of my biggest thrills was interviewing tom McEwen for this website. Head this excellent interview that even got Tom McEwen's stamp of approval.





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