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April 27th - 28th Woodburn, OR*

May 18 - 19 Woodburn, OR

June 14th - 15th Boise, ID*

June 21st - 22nd Spokane, WA*

June 28th - 29th Yakima, WA*

July 26-28 Woodburn, OR

Aug 3 Billings, MT*

Aug 16th-17th Spokane, WA*

Sept. TBA Medford
, OR*

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series
More events to be added soon!

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Updated: April 5, 2019 Seeing old dated stories? Refresh your browser!

Our site has not been updated recently due to some software problems that were beyond our control. The problems have been fixed and we will be back to updating the site as news is made. It's been a long, frustrating road but the good news in all of this is you will begin to slowly see a better quality website.

Tulip Festival Race Coming Soon!

Usually the big buzz this time of year is around the Season Opener at Woodburn Dragstrip. This year, race fans that want to get a jump on the season will be glad to know that DragParts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder Pro Comp Series will make its big Woodburn debut April 27-28. Over ten cars are currently entered in the class.

Teams are coming all the way from Nevada, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Canada for this race including: three time champion Brent Jones in the "Lawless" funny car and even Pete Ortiz in the "Outcast" funny car. When you add in the Pro Nostalgia cars there could be well over 20 blown alcohol cars at the Tulip race this year!

Discount coupons for this race are available at the three mid-valley Burgerville locations in Albany, Corvallis and Monmouth as well as Walz in Salem. The coupons are stapled to the back of the schedules and available at the counter.

Capitol Race Team Partners with The Children’s Cancer Association

The Capitol Dragster at the Cancer Relay for Life in 2018

Rich Bailey, driver of the Capitol Auto Group Dragster, will be partnering with the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) for the 2019 racing season to help deliver joy to seriously ill kids and teens in the Portland area.

“Cancer affects people of all ages and walks of life, so we thought we could do some good supporting this organization. The effects of cancer have enormous impacts on the entire family and CCA is there to make things just a little more tolerable by transforming even the smallest moment into a joyful one,” Bailey said.

Bailey is not new to the organization or donating his resources to the cancer fight. Bailey, a co-founder of the Winter Rod and Speed Show, along with Jim Billings and show sponsor Burgerville, have been donating a portion of the Winter Rod and Speed Show’s proceeds to CCA for many years and will again this year. Most recently, the 200 MPH dragster was displayed at the Relay For Life and Bailey has hosted many families affected by cancer at the track.

Bailey plans to host “a day at the races” for CCA-served kids and their families. Bailey will also display race cars at CCA-related events and even feature CCA’s logo on one of the cars.

“People always ask about the names on the car, so this will be an incredible opportunity to help build CCA’s awareness and give us a chance to direct people to CCA that may know someone that needs the support,” said Bailey.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Rich and the race team and look forward to hosting CCA families at the race track. Thank you so much for helping us deliver many moments of joy for seriously ill kids and teens in our community,” said CCA Event Specialist Bryndis Hjalmarsdottir.

In addition to CCA, the Capitol Race Team is a part of the Drums and Disabilities charity. The race car competes on the DragParts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder Series race circuit, which has races in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.


Bailey's Blog:
The Pomona Pit Rat Report

The new DHL Top Fueler looks sharp but DHL is not new over in the Kalitta camp.

Of all the races I could have made it to the Winternationals was a poor choice. The last time I was at the Winternationals Don "the Snake" Prudhomme was still driving the Skoal Bandit Top Fuel Dragster but it just wasn't as great this time around as it was in back then. Let's start with the rain. Being from Oregon, I felt right at home with cold temps and lots of rain. Regardless, they got the race in after having to stretch it out until Monday. Hat’s off to NHRA for handling the situation as well as anyone could.

The other thing that was troubling was the shortage of cars in most of the classes including Top Fuel. This made qualifying anti-climatic. Sadly thought it wasn’t just the rain and short fields that were disappointing, it’s what the pro Mello Yello series has evolved into. What was once a spectacular sport, has turned into a sport no longer very exciting even though the cars go 300 MPH.

What will last longer, Capps' extended NAPA sponsorsip deal or the sport itself?

Gone are the long burnouts and the cackle from the engines. There's the shorter track and lots of aborted runs. Also gone is the persona of open access to just about everyone’s pit area. The welcome mat has slowly evolved into a no trespassing sign other than signs welcoming corporate guests of it’s current sponsor. Granted, I have seen this for several years but now with the independent teams evaporating before our very eyes it’s much more obvious that it's more of a country club setting for VIP's than it ever used to be.

Now, every row in the pro pits is just about taken up by one multi-car team and endless hospitality trailers. What used to take one semi to support a professional team now takes two hooked together and a special tent to grind clutches. There is usually another tractor trailer at the top end of the track loaded with additional parts and machines. Add up the cost for three semis per car to conduct business around the country twice and it’s not a wonder the pro pits are beginning to thin out. Of course every team has their descretion of how many trailers they need on the road but the point is what small independent team can afford to compete with all that? One single car team I used to do PR for went through four engines at the World Finals alone!

John Force managed to keep Peak happy but Monster Energy is now gone so they are down to two cars in funny car but gained one car in Top Fuel to give them two and two.

Once Billy Meyer said let’s take drag racing to the next level. Congratulations, we are now there but it didn’t help. Instead, going to the next level made everything worse. Now, it cost so much to race one of these cars that the ROI (return on investment) isn’t what it once was. In 1990 everyone had a deal and you could budget a team for a full season for under $500,000. Now, it takes three million per year and counting. Usually, the Winternationals is known for all of the new look cars and new sponsors coming out. Not this year. Other than a smattering of news regarding the multi-car teams, Jim Dunn appeared to be one of the only teams to have a fresh new sponsor program that included a wrap on the semi and on the car.

Scrappers is one of the only independent teams left but they are race by race.

Usually in National Dragster's first issue there’s a “What’s New” section that gives its reader’s the scoop on exciting new sponsors and paint schemes. Not this year. Really the only big news besides a second Top Fuel team for Force was the reverse, that Tony Schumacher would not be racing at Pomona. Making it to “the next level” never improved the sport’s popularity with major sports publications either. USA Today didn’t even bother to report on the Winternationals while dedicating a lot of space to a stock car race that hadn’t been run yet. All “the next level” has done for drag racing is increased operating costs and consolidated the pro classes into a half dozen teams.

As someone who has supported this sport my whole life, I take no joy in reporting this. There have been a lot of suggestions made leading up to this year’s Winternationals about cutting costs. The longtime fans knew this day would eventually come. Now major league drag racing is at a cross roads and it’s time get serious and cut costs so more teams can once again enter the sport before just the big three are left.

- Rich Bailey


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